Innovative Solutions. Proven Performance.

Wabash National works with North America’s leading fleets to deliver purposeful, innovative products that lower your operating costs and enhance productivity. With over 70 patents related specifically to the transportation industry, Wabash National sets the pace.

Rig-16 Rear Underride Guard System

At Wabash Canada, safety is our #1 value and priority. We are pleased to introduce RIG-16, a new rear underride guard system engineered to prevent underride in multiple offset, or overlap, impact scenarios. Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada 

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Adhesive Bonding Technology

Well-known as a leader in the commercial trailer industry, we are proud to introduce the latest advancement in trailer construction – structural bonding. Used extensively in aviation, aerospace and automotive manufacturing, we’re bringing this same precise, high-strength technology to the trailer industry.

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ID/Aux Stop Light System + Turn Functionality

The new ID/Aux stop light system + turn functionality integrates auxiliary brake and turn indicator lights in the upper rear header – providing better visibility of the trailer braking and the driver’s intended movement. Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada 

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MaxClearance™ Overhead Door System

Specifically designed to increase usable cargo space, reduce maintenance and minimize trailer downtime, the new MaxClearance overhead door system delivers exceptional value for your operation. This design utilizes a smaller header and prevents the door from hanging into the opening, giving the trailer a maximum opening of up to 110″, making it comparable to that of swing doors.

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SolarGuard® Roof System

This high-performance roof material prevents ultraviolet (UV) rays from being absorbed into the roof panel allowing the trailer to maintain operating temperature without excessive operation from the cooling unit. Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada

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TrustLock Plus® System

Purposefully designed with the driver in mind, this patented, swing door combination lockrod with integral door holdback improves ergonomics, making it easier for the driver to do their job. In addition, door damage while docked is reduced and freight is less prone to theft.

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