The Future of Trailer Construction.

Wabash National has been utilizing bonding technology for a number of years in areas such as DuraPlate® nose construction and D-ring fastening. Starting with our DuraPlate pup trailer, we’re now applying the same technology to sidewall assembly.

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Bonded DuraPlate Composite Sidewalls
  • 7.5mm bonded DuraPlate composite panels
  • Flat seam design allows top rail connection to the outside panel, for an overlapped top rail design
  • Bonded logistic seam on 16” and 24” vertical centers rated at 3,000 lb working load
  • Integral A-slots punched on 4-1/2” centers
  • Top edge of steel scuff liner riveted on 8” centers
  • Eliminates stainless steel rivets
  • Limited 10-year warranty*
  • DuraPlate panels made in the USA
Bonded DuraPlate Composite Roof System1
  • 6mm bonded DuraPlate composite panels
  • Eliminates roof bows and liners
  • Increases cube space by 19 cubic feet, compared to traditional roof system
  • Arched panel maintains structural integrity
  • White ceiling for a brighter work environment
  • Resists snags and punctures
  • Resists UV rays
  • Limited 10-year warranty*
  • DuraPlate panels made in the USA
Bonded DuraPlate Composite Nose
  • 7.5mm bonded DuraPlate composite panels
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • 3x layered scuff area
  • Increases cube space by 12 cubic feet, compared to a conventional sheet and post nose construction
Bonded Logistics2
  • Compatible with most load bars
  • Standard logistic spacing 16” or 24”
  • Meets load bar ratings for 3,000 lb decking load limit
  • Custom logistic spacing available
Bonded DuraPlate Composite Repairability
  • Easily replace damaged sections/panels with fewer tools required
  • Less man hours compared to conventional riveted sidewalls
  • Eliminates drilling or bucking
  • Better quality repair, increased resale potential
Additional Bonded Trailer Components
  • D-rings3
  • Skylights4

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