Wabash National introduced the DuraPlate® dry van trailer in 1996. Since then, they have introduced a number of models and freight application packages to meet the needs of large and small fleets alike. Today, there are over 500,000 DuraPlate trailers on the road. And because they provide a low total cost of ownership, DuraPlate trailers are standard equipment in North America’s largest fleets. Lightweight, extremely durable, and long-lasting, DuraPlate trailers keep you on the road mile after mile, year after year.

DuraPlate composite sidewall panels are constructed of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) core bonded between two high-strength steel skins to provide unmatched damage resistance and maximum interior width. They are the only composite plate sidewall panels made in the U.S.A., so you can rely on the quality and performance. And we stand behind our product – DuraPlate sidewalls are backed by a 10-year limited warranty.*


Introduced in 1996, the DuraPlate® van revolutionized the trucking industry. Designed for a wide range of freight hauls, our conventional DuraPlate vans provide maximum cube capacity, exceptional durability, lightweight performance, and resale values among the best in the industry. Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada Wabash Canada

DuraPlate HD®

Introduced in 2003, the DuraPlate HD® provides best-in-class strength and durability. The high-strength aluminum base plate in the lower sidewall withstands the most abusive freight hauls and resists damage from exterior sideswipes. This model is ideally suited for both general freight and heavy-haul freight such as paper, automotive parts and carpet. Wabash Canada Wabash Canada

DuraPlate® Pups

DuraPlate® pup or doubles trailers are specifically designed to reduce your equipment’s total cost of ownership in demanding less-than-truckload applications. These trailers provide superior damage resistance and high strength for load securement and optional decking systems. DuraPlate pup trailers deliver exceptional value for your operation