A Strong Heritage

For nearly 50 years, Transcraft platform trailers have set the standard for performance and innovation. They are engineered and built to perform in the most demanding freight applications, with steel and combination options designed to handle heavier loads, rugged terrain, extreme weather and harsh road chemicals.

Steel Flatbed Trailers

Our rugged steel flatbed trailer is built to last. Heat-treated, 130ksi steel provides increased strength and low trailer weight. In addition, the premium paint process ensures best-in-class corrosion resistance and your trailer looking good year after year.

Steel Drop Deck Trailers

The standard enhanced visibility lighting system offers three stop/tail/turn lights and five dual-function side marker lights. The side marker lights also function as turn signals for improved visibility to motorists. Wabash Canada Wabash Canada

Hybrid Flatbed Trailers

As one of the first combo platforms in the industry, this flatbed is known for its rugged dependability and increased payload. Ideal for owner operators and fleets alike, this trailer is strong, lightweight and designed to maximize load capacity.

Hybrid Drop Deck Trailers

The main beam design comes with a limited lifetime warranty and provides a stronger web to flange attachment for long-life performance. Weight reduction holes reduce weight without compromising strength, for max payload capacity.