Wabash National is uniquely qualified to provide you with effective trailer aerodynamic solutions. We understand the harsh operating environment and abuse your equipment endures every day. Our Composites Division specializes in developing high-strength composite materials and aerodynamic devices for trailers. Now, they have completed the next generation suite of practical, durable aerodynamic devices designed to provide maximum fuel economy benefits.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, along with wind tunnel and track testing are critical parts of our engineering team’s R&D process. We work very closely with automotive aerodynamic engineering firms to supplement our own resources. Additionally, we maintain a working relationship with the EPA to ensure our products meet SmartWay verification requirements and designations.

AeroSkirt CX™

The AeroSkirt CX, which weighs approximately 185 pounds, is constructed of lightweight, semi-rigid, glass reinforced thermoplastic that is abrasion, tear and impact resistant. It is mounted to the trailer using a proprietary spring-bracket system that allows the skirt to flex inward and outward to provide additional damage resistance. The AeroSkirt CX is EPA SmartWay verified and improves fuel economy by up to six percent.

DuraPlate® AeroSkirt®

DuraPlate® AeroSkirt® is the most durable aerodynamic solution for over-the-road trailers. It is EPA SmartWay®approved and produces a fuel-economy improvement of six percent, providing bottom line savings. The AeroSkirt is constructed in three sections for streamlined shipping, installation and repair. There are fewer total parts, which allows for faster install time.

Ventix DRS™

When the Ventix DRS is used with our AeroFin™ tail device, the combination is verified as an EPA SmartWay Elite aerodynamic device combination, providing nine percent or greater fuel savings. If low rolling resistance tires are added, the cumulative fuel economy improvement exceeds 10%. The result, a greater reduction in vehicle fuel consumption and lower operating costs for your fleet.

AeroFin™ Tail Device

Introducing the AeroFin™, a new concept in trailer aerodynamic tail devices. By managing airflow across the rear of trailer, the compact AeroFin effectively reduces aerodynamic drag behind the trailer. When used with our new Ventix DRS™ (drag reduction system) the combination is verified as an EPA SmartWay Elite aerodynamic device combination, providing nine percent or greater fuel savings.