National Trucking Week, which runs from September 5-12, has taken on greater meaning this year. The men and women of the industry have played a critical role during the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the delivery of goods and protecting the supply chain.

« Thanks to them [drivers], our store shelves remain stocked, and families are able to put food on the table. This National Trucking Week lets come together to show our appreciation to the incredible men and women in the trucking industry who keep our province moving, » said Ontario Premier Doug Ford in a video statement.

The province’s Transportation Minister, Caroline Mulroney, praised the truck drivers for their hard work and dedication. « Even at the peak of the crisis, store shelves have remained full, and our medical community has been able to secure the critical products needed to fight the pandemic, and that is largely because of the dedication of the men and women who make up the trucking industry, » Mulroney said.

Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) Chairman Jean-Claude Fortin said the trucking industry is populated by resilient, professional, and committed people. « As I look back at all the changes after six decades – including those that sprung from the pandemic – I still see that same resiliency and dedication of our people and our industry, and it still makes me as proud as ever to be part of it. »

Ontario Trucking Association Chairperson Wendell Erb thanked everyone employed in the trucking industry for taking on the challenge of moving freight in this unpredictable environment. « Throughout this pandemic, which is still ongoing, our employees have faced many new challenges. All businesses in our sector worked with staff to respect and manage family, health and operational challenges that had never been seen at this scale before. And despite all these new challenges, we were still able to pull together and continue to move our nation’s economy with nominal interruption. »

Throughout Canada, provincial trucking associations, carriers, industry suppliers, and other stakeholders are encouraged to undertake activities to mark National Trucking Week.

Wabash Canada is proud to be associated with the trucking industry and honours the men and women who have worked tirelessly to keep Canada’s economy moving during these challenging times.

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