Untreated trailer vs. Trailer treated with Versitex®AMThe transportation of food products requires reefers that provide antimicrobial protection. This is even more essential in the summer months when hot and humid conditions can lead to bacteria, mold, mildew and fungus multiplying every 20 minutes on the walls of your reefer.

To protect and ensure the highest safety standards for your cargo, Wabash offers Versitex® AM walls with SANAFOR® antimicrobial technology exclusively in all 2020 or newer trailers. These panels provide lifetime antimicrobial protection, do not wash off or wear away, and offer protection against bacteria, mold, fungi and algae that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration.

Additionally, Versitex ® AM walls with SANFOR ® are easy to install, recyclable and are not affected by cleaning chemicals or abrasion.

Key Features

There are several key features that set Versitex® AM with SANFOR ® apart from the competition:

  • Highly effective in tests against both bacteria and fungi
  • FDA compliant
  • Contains a safe, environmentally sound, zinc-based antimicrobial ingredient that is certified by NSF International, registered with EPA and manufactured under GMP standards

Laboratory Testing

Versitex ®AM panels with SANAFOR ® have received a 90% or higher rating when tested for effective antimicrobial protection against bacterial growth.

  • In laboratory tests at usage levels equivalent to that incorporated into Versitex® AM walls, SANAFOR® demonstrated a 99.99% reduction in Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacterial growth using the ISO 22196 24-hour test method. The untreated control had little to no reduction in bacterial growth.
  • Versitex® AM panels provide strong antimicrobial protection against fungal growth. In laboratory tests at usage levels equivalent to that incorporated into Versitex® AM walls, SANAFOR® demonstrated a 90% reduction in fungal growth using the ASTM E2180 48-hour test method. The untreated control had no reduction in fungal growth.
  • When surfaces treated with SANAFOR® PO5 were abraded with scouring pads and sandpaper, washed and dried, they still demonstrated reduced bacterial and fungal growth by over 99.99%. SANAFOR® has also been tested and proven at extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Buy a Reefer with Versitex® AM Walls from Wabash

All 2020 and newer models of Wabash trailers feature Versitex® AM with SANFOR ® walls. Contact us today to find out how we can help you acquire a high-quality commercial reefer.

Wabash Canada offers a full range of new, used, and rental trailers designed to reduce downtime and provide a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Get in touch with us today so we can help you grow your business!

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