Crossmembers are the backbones of a trailer and perhaps one of the most critical components to ensuring proper stability and support to the load, but design advancements along the way have paved a path to improved solutions, resulting in a better bottom line.

aluminum rivets corroded rivet head broken off

Conventional crossmember assembly constructed with aluminum rivets shows corrosion from the inside out, causing the heads to pop off from impact.


Traditionally, crossmember assemblies have been constructed with I-beams front to back, attached with aluminum rivets. While this solution works, regular wear and tear from impacts, and corrosion caused by dissimilar metals can lead to costly repairs, and structural integrity may be compromised when rivets are damaged or corrode and come loose.


Designed with strength and durability in mind, crossmembers are attached to bottom rails on Wabash trailers using cadmium plated steel bolts, providing two and a half times the shear strength of a three eighths thick aluminum rivet.

“Over engineered for strength, even if two of the four bolts were to be sheared off, it would still be as strong as four aluminum rivets.”

– Neil Christensen, Executive Vice President of Wabash Canada.

The combination of craftsmanship and quality in the Wabash crossmember assembly provides unparalleled peace of mind to keep your assets on the road and moving.

Wabash Canada offers solutions tailored to the size of your fleet, the type of goods you transport, and continues to evolve as your business grows and changes. Contact us to learn about our leasing and financing options.