When you’re in the market for a commercial refrigerated van, not all are created equal. Some reefers are built using inferior materials and construction methods that will inevitably cost tens of thousands of dollars in repairs through use and as they age. To find a reefer built to last, look for these features:

1. Versitex Scruffliners

When buying a refrigerated van, it’s crucial to have an impact-resistant scuffliner. A scuffliner made from aluminum is inferior because aluminum is easily dented, punctured, and bent by forklifts. Aluminum scuffliners are also often pulled away from the wall and the resulting cavity collects debris and bacteria. Repairing destroyed aluminum is costly. Versitex solves these problems. Versitex is a lightweight thermoplastic composite that resists rot, corrosion, and mildew. It’s superior to aluminum in terms of impact resistance and is unaffected by cleaning chemicals.

2.​ Superior Floor Design

Floor screws. The floor screws in a reefer should fasten through the floor, the underlying floor stringers, and into the supporting cross members underneath. The screws should also be recessed into the composite floor stringers to prevent corrosion between the screw head and floor. Floor stringers. The floor stringers should be made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) for strength and longevity. HDPE won’t absorb moisture, swell, or weaken. HDPE floor stringers are also much lighter than wood stringers and are fully recyclable.

3.Superior Roof Design

Additional roof protection. A good refrigerated van will have an extra layer of 1/8” thick aluminum at the front to protect the roof from tree limbs and other objects. Keeping the roof in good repair is essential for keeping water out and maintaining the van’s thermal efficiency.

4.Superior Base Rail Design

Steel bolts. Don’t even think about settling for aluminum rivets that attach cross members to the bottom rail. You need stainless steel ‘torque head-style’ bolts with nylon washers to prevent galvanic corrosion. They’re also 2.5 times stronger than aluminum rivets, which helps to prevent premature floor degradation.

5. Anti-corrosion Design

Stainless steel plates. The best reefers use stainless steel to support an anti-corrosion design. Stainless steel also resists fifth wheel impacts and lowers repair costs when they occur. Stainless-steel pick-up angle. A full width, stainless-steel pick-up angle will deflect fifth wheels and prevent front wall damage.

Buy a Quality Reefer from Wabash

We incorporate all of the above quality design and materials into our vans. A quality reefer from Wabash will last longer than cheaply made alternatives, and will save you thousands of dollars in repairs over time.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you acquire a high-quality, commercial reefer.

Wabash Canada offers a full range of new, used, and rental trailers designed to reduce downtime and provide a lower Total Cost of Ownership. Get in touch with us today so we can help you grow your business!

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