MSC ReeferThe breakthrough Molded Structural Composite (MSC) technology is revolutionizing refrigerated transportation by boosting thermal performance, reducing fuel consumption and increasing durability.

The innovative technology first introduced by trailer industry leader Wabash in 2015 features panels constructed using a high-efficiency core encapsulated in a polymer fibre reinforced shell and protective gel coat. Compared to other panels used on reefers, MSC offers not only efficient and longer-lasting but lightweight panels.


Advantages of MSC technology

MSC TechnologyCutting costs while increasing performance is key to any successful business, especially when shipping refrigerated products. Companies can opt to increase their thermal performance by up to 25% by using refrigerated vans constructed with MSC technology. Enhanced thermal performance leads to efficient fuel consumption, shortened running hours and durability.

There is a 15 to 20% reduction in the weight of refrigerated semi-trailers when MSC panels are used. These lightweight panels do not require metal or wood and have twice as much resistance to punctures compared to traditional heavier options.

The durability of trailers using MSC technology increases drastically as the gel coating protects against water intrusion and weight gain. This unique gel coating leads to a delay in the degradation of foam, resulting in a longer lifespan for insulation and sustained thermal properties.

Wabash MSC Reefer Features

There are industry-leading features of a Wabash trailer with MSC technology that sets it apart from the competition. The trailer features smooth sidewalls because of the 100% bonded body, leading to a decrease in the total cost of ownership and an optimal display of graphics.

Innovative Product Award

Since its introduction, MSC technology has set the benchmark for the transportation of refrigerated goods. Companies that have used refrigerated vans constructed with Molded Structural Composite (MSC) panels have increased their revenue by lowering fuel consumption and cutting down on expensive repair and damage costs.

Wabash Canada’s MSC refrigerated trailer won the Innovative Product Award at the Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association Award ceremony in 2019.

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