Solutions Designed for Your Business

Whether you specialize in truckload, grocery, or foodservice hauls, Wabash Canada has fleet-proven solutions to reduce your operating costs and improve your bottom line. We offer a full line of ArcticLite Series refrigerated vans to meet your specific needs.

Innovation in Refrigeration

Wabash National believes the purpose of innovation is to drive performance. Therefore, Wabash refrigerated vans are designed and manufactured to perform for you. By combining industry-leading engineering capabilities with the latest technologies, they produce thermally efficient refrigerated vans that maximize payload capacity and resist damage in the most abusive hauls.

Industry Proven. Fleet Preferred

North America’s largest refrigerated carriers trust Wabash National refrigerated vans to perform – day in and day out.

ArcticLite Reefers

Driving performance through innovation, Wabash National worked with North America’s leading refrigerated carriers and engineered the ArticLite to meet the rigorous demands of refrigerated freight operations.

Thermally efficient, lightweight and extremely durable, this refrigerated van is designed to reduce operating costs and keep you on the road.