New DuraPlate® Dry Van

Introduced in 1996, Wabash National revolutionized the trailer industry with the invention of the composite plate trailer. They called it DuraPlate®, and it continues to be the gold standard in dry vans ever since. Designed for a wide range of freight hauls, our original composite plate trailer provides maximum cube capacity, exceptional durability, lightweight performance and resale values that are the very best in the industry.

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Durable & Spacious

DuraPlate® composite sidewalls are constructed of two high-strength, galvanized steel skins bonded to a high-density polyethylene core to provide structural stiffness, superior damage resistance, and maximum interior width so you can haul more freight per load. Only DuraPlate® panels are made in the USA and backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Less Damage & More Uptime

The DuraPlate® dry van is designed to withstand your most abusive freight hauls. In the interior, anti-snag roof bows and recessed logistic posts are designed to minimize damage. The laminated oak floor system is more robust than other standard wood floors. Bolted base rail connections provide two times the shear strength of aluminum rivets to deliver a 20,000 lb. dynamic load rating – supporting heavier payloads, high-cycle loading and unloading, and longer floor life.

Longer Life & Higher Resale Value

No matter what your trade cycle, this trailer delivers value year after year. Every aspect of this trailer is designed to extend its useful life. From the high-strength oak floor system and sidewalls to damage-resistant doors that resist corrosion and come with an LED light package, our trailers are built to last. When it’s time to replace your equipment, these trailers deliver the highest resale values in the industry.


  • Dimensions: 53’ x 102-3/8” x 13’6”
  • Front interior height: 110-1/4”
  • Rear interior height: 111-1/4”
  • Interior width sidewall to sidewall: 101”
  • GVWR: 68,000 lb / 30,845 kg
  • GAWR: 20,000 lb / 9,072 kg
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001:2008 registered facility


  • 3-3/8” short can coupler
  • High-strength steel coupler
  • AAR-rated king pin with zinc anodes for corrosion protection
  • One-piece extruded aluminum header
  • .125” extruded aluminum, 5” radius front corner post
  • 6-post nose, two structural corner posts and four 80k steel hat posts mounted with steel bolts
  • Heavy-duty, 3/16” stainless steel lower nose rail


  • DuraPlate composite panels with a limited 10-year warranty*, made in the U.S.A.
  • Flat DuraPlate seam with overlapped top rail
  • 14-gauge recessed logistic seam on 50” vertical centers
  • Integral A-slots punched on 4-1/2” centers rated at 1,880 lb working loads
  • 18-gauge x 80k steel scuff liner fastened to sidewalls on 8” centers with stainless steel bucked rivets

Floor System

  • 20,000-lb dynamic load rating
  • Full, 1-3/8” thick laminated oak floorboards installed with three screws per board, per crossmember
  • 4” steel or aluminum crossmembers on 12” centers in bay, steel crossmembers over sub frame and landing gear, 8” centers in rear 2’
  • Steel bolted crossmember attachment with four 3/8”, grade-5 bolts per crossmember clip

Roof System

  • .040” aluminum roof sheet wrapped over top rail edge
  • 18-gauge 80k steel anti-snag roof bows mounted on 24” centers

Rear Frame

  • Carbon steel with ultra high-zinc epoxy primer and polyester powder-coated for corrosion resistance
  • Rear impact guard with outboard vertical bumper legs meets or exceeds U.S. DOT and Transport Canada requirements
  • 5/16” steel base plate in rear sill with 1/2” post protection
  • Eyebrow and vertical light protection
  • Rear header with integral gutter
  • DuraPlate composite swing doors, aluminum 4-hole hinge, five hinges per door
  • TrustLock Plus® System1 with lower sill mounted hardware and a lock rod with integral door holdback, 1 per door


  • Mechanical or air suspension
  • Parallel “P” spindle wheel ends
  • Long-life brake linings
  • White powder-coated lightweight steel wheels, low rolling resistant tires standard
  • Intercostal crossmember bracing over landing gear
  • Galvanized steel, one-piece landing gear support and galvanized K-brace


  • All LED lights
  • EZ-7® modular 7-way2 with Wabash National 3.0 sealed harness


  • DuraPlate nose, riveted or bonded
  • DuraPlate nose liner
  • Floor packages in laminated oak, aluminum, composite and combination kits
  • Floor systems available from 20,000 lb to 24,000 lb
  • Galvanized or stainless steel rear frame and rear impact guard
  • Multiple axle configurations
  • Multiple aerodynamic options, including Wabash National DuraPlate AeroSkirt®3, other brands of trailer skirts available
  • Scuff liners available in wood, steel, aluminum and plastic in various heights
  • Tire pressure monitoring systems and tire inflation systems
  • Upper ID/AUX stop light system
  • Vertical and horizontal interior logistics, riveted or bonded
  • Wide base tires

Trailer Financing in Four Steps

  • Application Process
  • Quick Approval
  • Sign Documents
  • Funding

Types of Financing

Our Team will help you determine which type of financing is best for your situation.
We will discuss the pro and cons for each solution so we can make an informed decision.

CAPITAL LEASE: A capital lease is an operating expense, which reduces taxes. It allows you to use the equipment over a set term. At the end of the term, you own the asset for a nominal fee. You may resell it at that point and you can also upgrade equipment at any time during the term.

CONDITIONAL SALES CONTRACT: A Loan helps you finance the total cost of the equipment. You own the equipment and your payments cover interest on the loan and reduce the loans principle. You claim tax deductions for the interest paid and on the annual amortization of the equipment.

OPERATING LEASES: An operating lease is a rental agreement giving you the right to use the equipment without ownership. This is an off balance structure and several options can be offered once you reach end of term.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS: Once we understand your situation, we can develop a custom solution tailored to your needs.


So, you’re shopping for a trailer and you found one that costs $300 dollars less. Sounds like a good deal, right? Not so fast: that decision could cost you $10,000 dollars over the lifecycle of your trailer. In fact, it’s highly likely that within the first year of ownership, you will spend 2 to 3 times more than what you saved on the initial cost of the trailer.

Why? Choosing a lower quality trailer means you’ll be spending more on maintenance and repairs when things go wrong. It also means less time on the road – eating into your profits. Click to see how Wabash trailers are designed to keep you on the road and save you money in the long run.