What if there was a product out there that promised to boost thermal efficiency, prevent water intrusion and weight gain, reduced foam degradation, and offered structural strength so enhanced it eliminated the need for metal or wood? Seems a little too good to be true, but the fact is this superior technology is already on the road and paving the way to a more efficient and sustainable future for the world of transportation.

view from under reefer trailer with no crossmembers

The elimination of crossmembers significantly reduces the weight of the reefer, also preventing snow buildup in the winter months.


Wabash’s EcoNex™ Technology offers some seriously impressive upgrades from a conventional sheet and post reefer design that hasn’t really changed in almost 100 years. With the need for rivets no longer a required component of the panel design, the thermal bridge has effectively been eliminated, improving thermal performance by up to 30%. Its lightweight properties have also been proven to reduce weight and is two times stronger and more puncture resistant than traditional options.

Another pioneering design enhancement comes from the elimination of crossmembers, which significantly reduces the weight of the reefer, and prevents nuisances like snow buildup which can contribute substantially to weight gain over the winter months.

“Our customers who have been utilizing the EcoNex technology have seen a significant reduction in fuel consumption and reefer engine hours, compared to their conventional sheet and post aluminum reefer trailers.”

– Neil Christensen, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Wabash Canada


Constructed of a high-efficiency foam core which is encapsulated in a polymer fibre-reinforced shell and coated in a protective gel, EcoNex is manufactured in the USA, and under Wabash’s conscious effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and dependency on non-renewable energy. This North American design offers unsurpassed upgrades that not only reduces the carbon footprint, but also provides an excellent return on investment with its durability and extended product life.

Imagine an average of 25% less fuel consumption, 25% less emissions, 25% less reefer engine hours, reducing maintenance costs, and significantly extending the life of the refrigeration unit, while also increasing the residual value of the unit with less engine hours.

EcoNex is here now, and Wabash is changing how the world reaches you!

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